Spring Newsletter

Hello Bridgeview Estates Homeowners:

We have several new residents in the development this year, so we would like to take this opportunity to say Welcome!  We hope you find our neighborhood a great place to live.

As we prepare for the change of the seasons, the HOA Board would like to take this opportunity to remind everyone of a few important matters.

Sidewalk / Curb Cleaning:

As we have previously done, we are going to have all the sidewalks and curbs cleaned by All Star Cleaning Professionals.  We did this a few years ago, and elected at that time to have this maintenance performed every-other year to remove dirt and alga growing on the sidewalks, which makes it slippery when walking. As was also the case two years ago, the contractor will need to hook-up to the exterior water spigots on the front of some homes in order to do the pressure washing. The amount of water needed is very minimal (less than a bathtub) and should not affect your water bill. If you would prefer the contractor not connect to your front spigot, please inform the Board within the next 15 days so this may be communicated to the contractor.  Otherwise, we will assume use of your water is acceptable to do the portion of sidewalk and/or curbing in front of your home.

Homeowners are encouraged to contact All Star directly if you would like to have your front driveway/ walkway areas cleaned while they are onsite. There have been a number of incidents in previous years where homeowners cleaned their driveways after the sidewalks were cleaned and the contractor had to come back to redo the sidewalks. Should this happen again this year, the homeowner will be charged for the follow-up sidewalk/curb cleaning of the common area.  Those of us who were here previously know that there is a vast difference once the area is cleaned, and it is quite noticeable.  If you would like to get your driveway and/or sidewalks up to your front doors cleaned, please contact All Star at (800) 299-7618 to schedule your personal cleaning prior to the sidewalk/curb cleaning.  The charge this year will be the same as last time – $120 per driveway.  The sidewalk cost is dependent on the size of the area.  All Star also does window-washing (inside/outside and dust off the screens).  If you do a combined service, they usually give a discount.  If you elect to do your driveway and sidewalk, they customarily do it at the same time they do the curbing in the front of your house to avoid having to go back and redo the common areas.

 Website / Facebook Page:

For those of you who may not yet be aware, the HOA has a Facebook Page that is invitation-only for community members. This is a closed page beyond just the generic front page.  Once there, you will need to request an invitation, which will then be granted to view the page.

In addition, the community has a new website where you may access the governing documents, meeting minutes, financial statements, budgets, newsletters, and reminders. You are encouraged to subscribe to the website so you will receive automatic email updates when new items are posted. The new website address is www.bridgeviewestates.wordpress.com.

Within both the website and Facebook, we will post items of significance within the HOA, so it is encouraged that you have an account associated with them to get current information.

Updated Enforcement Policy:

The Board is currently working on an updated Enforcement Policy.  During its annual review, the Board felt the current policies should be more clearly defined, with a detailed fining structure identified.   While we hope, of course, that we will not need to utilize the Enforcement Policy, we do have a fiduciary responsibility to make sure it is available if needed. When it does become necessary, the new policy will allow the Board to more effectively enforce the rules of the community that we have all agreed to when we purchased our homes. Once the new policy is ready it will be posted on the website for review prior to being formally adopted by the Board.

 Yard Maintenance:

As warm weather approaches, we can expect a significant increase in vegetation and growth. Complaints regarding weeds, overgrowth, and other landscaping issues are already being received.

As a reminder to residents, the blooming flowers come with a few maintenance responsibilities. In order to keep Bridgeview Estates looking its best, all lots must be kept in a neat and orderly condition. This includes mowing, watering, trimming, and maintaining weed free lawns and flowerbeds. All grass must be cut to at around a six inch maximum and mowed in sufficient intervals to prevent the creation of a nuisance or fire hazard. Please respect your neighbors and community by adhering to the landscaping standards set forth in this section.

  Speed Limit:

The speed limit is 20 MPH within the community. While the streets are not a playground, they are often the place where young children like to play, especially as the weather changes and children venture outside to play. We need to be sure to take it slow when driving through the neighborhood.  We have again received numerous complaints about speeders and people texting while driving. Please make sure to follow the speed limit while keeping your eyes on the road and not your phone.

Car Break-in’s:

Vehicles that are not parked in a garage have an increased risk of break-ins and theft. Due to this risk, we remind residents who park in driveways or exposed areas to never leave remotes or personal items in your vehicle.  A number of the board members have received complaints of late-night activities, including people traveling from Titlow up through our development.  Unfortunately, we have no way to control that as we cannot fence the area.  The HOA previously elected to not fund a new camera system; thus, we are not able to capture visuals of those individuals coming up from down below.  Homeowners should be aware of this issue, and if you see someone coming up from down below, if possible, without putting yourself in harms-way, pictures taken from cell phones would be good in case we do have issues which arise.  We are NOT advocating for us to police ourselves, but only to remain aware and take appropriate precautions.

Playing in the Street and Around Gates:

We have again had reports of kids on the gates.  In some instances, the children have been warned that if the gate is damaged, the parents are responsible. Previous incidents have cost the HOA a substantial amount to repair gates after they were damaged by kids swinging on them. Parents, please be advised that if the gates are damaged and your child is responsible, the HOA will be pursing reimbursement from you. Please have the discussion with your children that it is not safe to climb on the gates – especially if a car is to coming in or heading out. Your child could be hit by the car, or crushed by the gate. The gates do not stop – if the child were to fall, the gate could injure them.  Also, please remind your children that when cars approach, they need to move themselves (and their bikes, etc.) out of the way.

Fence Replacement:

This summer, we will be replacing the back fence along the nursing home stretch of property, as approved during the January HOA meeting.  This is maintenance only of HOA properties; no interior fencing is included.  Also, not all posts will be replaced – only those which are showing signs of rot or decay.  The fence contractor will be working for the HOA, not the individual homeowner.  Therefore, any requests or issues need to be addressed to the Board through Lorne at JC Higgins.

Movie Night:

This year, the Board is entertaining the possibility of hosting a Movie Night during the summer for residents who wish to attend.  This will be a BBQ/pot-luck type event, with a family-rated movie (as always, parents will need to accompany the kids during attendance).   We are looking to see if anyone has a projector or screen which could be utilized for the event?  If so, please email Bev O’Dea at Bevodea@comcast.net.  We will be hosting movie night in lieu of National Night Out.  The date has yet to be set, but will be on a Saturday evening.  The HOA will be providing the meat and utensils, with homeowners sharing sides and, of course, desserts!   If you would like to serve on the committee to help put the function together, please let us know!  More information as to the date will be forthcoming.  Ideas are welcome!

Garage Sale:

The HOA will be opening the gates for its annual Garage Sale, which takes place the first full weekend in June – the 2nd, 3rd and 4th.  We will again advertise the event, which will run Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.  Gates will be opened from 8-5 all three days.  If you would like to be part of the committee to put this together, help with advertising, signs, etc., please contact a Board member.


On behalf of the Board of Directors, thank you for your attention and consideration of the issues contained in this letter. We are all part of the same community, and want everyone to be safe and to enjoy the neighborhood.

Happy Spring!

~ Bridgeview Estates Board of Directors